Our Story

Breaking a fishing line while setting the hook on a potentially big fish is devastating, and I believe every angler could vouch for that. I could never understand why I would experience line breaks until one day when I was re-spooling a reel.  I realized it was not the line, it was the way I was transferring the line from the spool to the reel.  Often during a fishing tournament, or even on a day of fishing with family, I would rush the process of re-spooling my reels because it was a dreaded process due to the instability and hassle.  I would leave the spool on the floor of my boat and start re-spooling my line while trying to give balanced tension by holding the line as tight as possible with my fingers. Sometimes my fishing partner would be willing to spare some time to hold the spool with a screwdriver or pen when I needed re-spool my reel, but even this method presented the challenge of getting my reel to have the properly balanced tension.

Furthermore, I noticed that there was a correlation in these sudden line breaks. The lack of stability and proper tension when re-spooling causes possible line damage without any indication, thus resulting in breaks when the line is under pressure. To combat this issue, I developed the YuLine retractable spooler.

With our product, you will always have balanced line tension, and you will be able to transfer line to your reel from a factory spool without damaging or twisting it unknowingly. 

With the simplicity, quality, and customized design, YuLine mounts to your boat, desk or shop workspace with a solid base installation without taking up any storage space. YuLine offers maximum line strength to your reel and unmatched convenience. Our product is patented and completely made in the USA. Join us as we reinvent the spooling experience!